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Bishton Hall Ghost Hunts Staffordshire 

Ghost Hunts at Bishton hall are a frightful night, enter the eerie dark cellars, walk in footsteps of the former students in the attic dormitories. Over the many years this grand Georgian mansion was a boarding school with many students reporting the unexplained happenings. 
Have you got what it takes to be part of an overnight ghost here ? join the team as we unlock the secrets on this ghostly mansion.    

Activity at Bishton Hall

With its many uses it's no wonder Bishton Hall has so many unexplained happenings, original wooden window shutters have been heard slamming on the upper floors, Door handles have been heard turning, several reports of a woman (Dressed in period clothing) looking out or walking across the upper floor window many of the staff and guests here believe this to be the Former Miss Sparrow. The feeling of someone walking past you when nobody is present has been reported in the entrance lobby. The feeling of being watched and footsteps heard coming from the former servants kitchen ,cold rooms and living quarters. The cellars many refuse to enter alone and it's no wonder as this was once the bathing and showering area strange mists and dark shadows have been seen here. The old school is situated within the stable blocks, an area again many refuse to go alone. Are you ready to join the team as we open the doors and invite you to step outside of your comfort zone at Bishton Hall ?

History Of Bishton Hall

Bishton Hall was first mentioned in the Domesday Book and the current property dates back to circa 1750, with its east wing added in the 19th century. Its Temple Garden was built in the 1840s.

The house boasts three principal front rooms, sash windows with moulded architraves, a panelled entrance hall and 18th century chimney pieces. Most of the original joinery is intact, including panelled doors, and the house also has a set of servants’ bells.

Bishton is one of the oldest settlements in Staffordshire, mentioned in the Doomsday Book as belonging to King Harold ll of Hastings fame.

Following the battle, it passed into the ownership of the Earl of Mercia, then on to the Bishops of Lichfield. During the 16th and 17th centuries it belonged to the Snede family, being the dower house for Keele. It is believed some 22 members of that family were born here.

In the middle of the 18th century it was bought by a lawyer, John Sparrow, who became the first chairman of the Stafford quarter sessions, famously preventing a massacre of Stafford residents at Radford Bank. He was also High Sheriff of the county, a position later held by Cecil Stafford Northcote whilst at Bishton.

Upon John Sparrow’s death, ownership passed to his eldest daughter, Charlotte. She never married but is still remembered today by the children of Colwich school which she founded. She added the east and west wings of the house in about 1820.

The Stafford Northcote's moved here in 1946 and made it into St Bede’s School. Many pupils have gone on to lead distinguished careers taking with them a unique experience of family-orientated school life and fun.

There have been five babies born at Bishton Hall. The family, a branch of the Earls of Iddlesley of Devon, have always been keen collectors of fine art and furniture.

This Event Includes

Access to this eerie location after dark and be part of an intense ghost hunt

A guided tour with brief history of the location

Working in Small Groups, Using array of different equipment and technics

Spiritual Medium during the investigation

Complimentary Tea, Coffee,

Complimentary light snacks

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