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Ghost hunts in Derelict Buildings 

Ghost hunting has become more popular over the last few years, but many people are wanting to face their fears of the dark, with many abandoned and derelict buildings its not dark its pitch black. If this is the type of location you are looking to investigate this includes old houses, castles, old industrial factories and mills. have a look of at some of locations we have coming up across the UK,  

Cold by day ...... a chilling experience by night !

The original Revesby Abbey was built on this land in the year 1143 and was a Cistercian Monastery until the 16th century. Shortly after the Abbey was demolished and a country house was built.The Current house was built in 1845 and has been left abandoned and derelict since the 1960's. Join us in the cellars and outbuildings as we see what awaits us on this ghost hunt.

Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire was once the home of Lady Beryl Groves, this house sits totally isolated from the outside world in its 10 acres of land, with access to the via a lane through the woodlands.

Grade 1 listed building dating back to 1845, this eerie chilling house was left totally abandoned and unoccupied since 1968.

Would you spend the night here ?

Revesby Abbey is one of those haunted places that is a real must to investigate.

This remote old mansion is certainly not for the faint hearted. Will you be joining us on this ghost hunt ?


Many ghostly figures have been seen ..... wandering 

Dudley Castle in the West Midlands has a long history of unexplained happenings (Paranormal Activity) and there are many ghosts and stories associated with the Castle. Many visitors here to the Castle have captured images of monks and a lady dressed in white whilst taking photographs. We are inviting you to spend the night here with the Paranormal Eye Team who or what will we encounter ?

Dudley Castle in the West Midlands has a long history of unexplained happenings (Paranormal Activity) and there are many ghosts and stories associated with the Castle. Many visitors here to the Castle have captured images of monks and a lady dressed in white whilst taking photographs. We are inviting you to spend the night here with the Paranormal Eye Team who or what will we encounter ?

Previous ghost hunts here at the castle have been some of most frightening, many guests have had stones thrown at them, some of them reported seeing a dark figure walk past them will you dare to enter the Castle gates ?

Originally built around 1071 and recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086, the Castle has passed through the hands of many families and also suffered greatly as the result of many battles.

John Dudley (the man executed by Mary I for plotting to bring Lady Jane Grey to the Throne in her place) was present here in 1536 during the height of his power and the Castle eventually suffered its last tragic blow during the Civil War when the Royalist Soldiers were defeated by Cromwell and the Castle was 'slighted'. Much bloodshed and misery has occurred on this land and there are now many ghost stories associated with the history of Dudley Castle.

Abandoned and Derelict spooky buildings are a must !


 Creepy cold and dark, with a sinister past !

Old Gresley Hall is situated in the remote village of Church Gresley on the outskirts of Derbyshire.

This unique building dates back to the 16th century, The stone that was used to build this old hall was the stone from the old priory that was situated here in the grounds. There has been sightings of a tall gentleman here especially in the woods hat are here on the grounds.

Over the years Old Gresley Hall has had many visitors through its doors and on the grounds. This building is now left abandoned and derelict.

Apparitions have been reported here within the grounds.

The second floor of this building is said to be so haunted that many visitors refuse to go up there, Doors are heard banging in this totally deserted building.

On Previous investigations here at the old hall, many guests have reported the feeling that they are being watched in this area, guests are always looking behind them as if they have a sense that somebody is there.

Some guests have reported the feeling of having their clothes tugged, some reports of the feeling of being pulled into another room.

The second floor of this building certainly has a very unwelcoming feel to it.Dare you join us on this ghost hunt ?


A eerie cold silence greets you !

Guys Cliffe House situated in Warwickshire is an extremely popular location for all types of ghost hunter, weather you are seasoned ghost hunter or a first time ghost hunter. This location is totally hidden and completely isolated from the outside world, in fact only the back of the house can be seen from a distance from across the River, This location is certainly place that has had a dark and shady past and its no wonder it is said to be one of the UK`S most haunted places. The location has its own chapel, basement hall with many hidden rooms leading off from this, Secret underground chambers and caves. Many people who have visited here have reported strange feelings .. from the feeling of being watched and someone following them, upon turning around nobody physical is present. Poltergeist activity is extremely common and many strange bright lights have been witnessed. On previous ghost hunts here guests have grabbed and pushed by an unknown presence and many refuse to go alone in the secret underground chambers are you ready to try ? 


A creep attic ..... known as the dolls house !

Tettenhall Towers is situated in the West Midlands, Join the paranormal eye team as we open the doors on this vast haunted location, Tettenhall towers is an extremely chilling place by day! some of the many rooms we have to Investigate include the theatre, dressing rooms, balcony, main hall, 2 cellars and a attic which is known as the dolls house ! Poltergeist activity has been witnessed in some of the areas , the sound of dragging furniture is a very common occurrence of this grand old haunted building. Will you dare enter ? Tettenhall Towers was once a large family home, .The property is now a grade II listed building which was originally built as a country house on the site of The Holly Bush Inn by Thomas Pearson, on land purchased from the Foley family in the late 18th century. It is set in 26 acres and is located in Wood Road, Tettenhall. In 1853, Colonel Thomas Thorneycroft purchased the property and over the years he extended the house adding the 'towers', which gave it its name in 1866. The colonel was also a keen inventor, to the point he fitted so much ventilation in majority of the rooms here. There was a sinister side to the Colonel because among other things, Colonel Thorneycroft was known for pushing his butlers and servants off the top of the towers to test his flying machines, as he was a keen inventor. He also apparently used the towers as a means of communicating with his workforce across the Black Country, waving semaphore flags from the roof! Colonel Thorneycroft made many structural additions to the building, including a great hall complete with stage, and a theatre with seating for 500, featuring a giant indoor 44 foot cascade of water. His eccentricity was in a way genius and he did invent some very important elements to society, albeit by very controversial means. Inside Tettenhall Towers today visitors will find a treasure trove of relics from past eras. Some of the more unusual would include Canadian fox rugs, and a collection of birds heads. There have been some terrifying reports of paranormal activity on this site over the years, and some visitors have left the building swearing never to return as a result of their experiences here.

Tettenhall Towers is a vast location, and visitors will find many rooms here to explore. Of particular interest from a paranormal viewpoint are is the attic area known as the Dolls House. This includes a separate area that can only be reached by squeezing through a small space in the wall. The present caretaker of the property refuses to enter the Dolls House after a recent ghostly experience he had there. The entire attic area is said to have an unwelcoming atmosphere which past visitors have described as oppressive.

In other parts of the building ghostly figures have been seen, and there has even been Poltergeist activity reported here. Who or what these ghosts may be has yet to be fully established, but they have been witnessed by many of those who enter Tettenhall Towers.


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