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Guys Cliffe House Warwick Ghost Hunt 

Guys Cliffe Ghost Hunts / Ghost Hunting Experiences/ Paranormal Events 

Ghost Nights / Ghost Hunting Events Guys Cliffe House With Paranormal Eye UK

Join the paranormal eye team as we invite you to ghost hunt at the truly haunted Guys Cliffe House. Cliffe House is a remote location isolated from the outside world, only allowing a few visitors a year through its gates. This is truly a hidden gem. Ghost hunting here at Guys Cliffe offers many areas to investigate with caves, cellars, house ruins, masonic chapel, and secret underground chambers. Can you enter into the darkness of guys Cliffe and be part of this genuinely unique ghost hunting event? The name Guy's Cliffe originates from the name of the country house and estate that the land belonged to, which was named after the cliff on which the house itself was built. The house has been in a ruined state since the late 20th century. Ghost hunts here at this magnificent house are a truly terrifying experience.Guys Cliffe House is a must whether you are a seasoned ghost hunter or a first-timer! Ghost nights at this location are a genuinely spine-tingling experience.

History of Guys Cliffe House 

Guy's Cliffe has been occupied since the Saxon times and derives its name from the legendary Guy of Warwick. The guy is supposed to have retired to a hermitage on this site; this legend led to the founding of a chantry. The chantry was established in 1423 as the Chapel of St Mary Magdelene, and the rock-carved stables and storehouses remain. After the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII, the site passed into private hands.

The current ruined house dated from 1751 was started by Samuel Greatheed, a West India merchant and Member of Parliament for Coventry 1747-1761.

The estate also comprised a mill, stables, kitchen garden, and land as far as Blacklow Hill.

The house was used as a hospital during World War I and became a school for evacuated children in World War II. Guy's Cliffe estate was broken up and sold in 1947. In 1952 the mill became a pub and restaurant and was named The Saxon Mill, the stables became a riding school, the kitchen garden became a nursery, all of which still exist today. A toll house also stood by the road to the north of the Saxon Mill, but this was demolished in the mid 20th century.

The house’s new owner intended to convert it into a hotel, but these plans came to nothing, and the house fell into disrepair. In 1955 the house was purchased by Aldwyn Porter, and the chapel was leased to the Freemasons, establishing a connection with the Masons that remains today. The roof had fallen in by 1966. In 1992 during the filming of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a fire scene got out of control and seriously damaged the building, leading to an insurance claim. English Heritage has given the building grade II listed status.

Can you spend the night here on a ghost hunting experience?

ghost hunt with paranormal eye uk 

This Event Includes 

Exclusive access to the location and grounds After Dark

A guided tour of the place with the lights on before the vigils

Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques

Spiritual Medium during the investigation

Complimentary Tea, Coffee,

Complimentary light snacks

Please remember to bring your torch as these are required at all our events. Please remember to wear suitable footwear as this location has a lot of stairs and very uneven floors.

This Location is not suitable for people with walking and mobility issues.


Guys Cliffe Ghost Nights

Guys Cliffe Ghost Hunt 

Friday 15th July 2022 8pm till 2.00am

Only £49.00 Per Person



Before booking this event, please read the following as per our terms and conditions agreed at the point of sale. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable

Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunt 

Friday 18th November 2022 8pm till 2.00am

Only £49.00 Per Person


Please Note:

Before booking this event, please read the following as per our terms and conditions agreed at the point of sale. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable

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