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Ghost Hunts Paranormal Eye UK

Paranormal Eye Uk - Hall Of Haunts 

I would rather be ghost hunting. Paranormal Eye Uk each week takes many guests across the Uk; for a unique ghost hunting experience, did you make our hall of haunts?

Saturday 14th May 2022, Smithills Hall, Bolton

It was our very first visit to Smithills Hall in Bolton and this location certainly didn’t disappoint.

K2 activity on demand, sensors being triggered. Table tipping and glass work gave great validation of the building and personal messages. Human pendulum giving great personal messages. People being touched, chairs being knocked from underneath.

Thank you to all our guests for joining us at this amazing location steeped in history. We hope to see you again at another spooky location in the future.

Smithills Hall Bolton Ghost Nights

St Johns Mansion Friday 13th May 2022

As soon as we pulled up we knew we was in for a cracking night.

Dark shadows being witnessed by guests, dramatic temperature change, mists witnessed by guests, light anomalies, amazing glass work and spirit box sessions with validation from the building. Guests had to use their senses last night. REM pod activity in the cellar. Trigger objects being set off.

We really hope you had an amazing evening on Friday the 13th. We really hope to see you again in the future way another spooky location 👻

St Johns Ghost Hunt

Elizabethan House

Saturday 7th May 2022

Our first visit to this amazing location and we was certainly not disappointed.

Icy cold blasts being felt by numerous guests. Footsteps coming from the old former walkway and the sound like someone was stomping around above. Amazing information in relation to the buildings history and the land. Trigger objects being triggered. EMF and KII activity. A spirit came through on the radio with a male name which are on a private channel. Spirit box information was very interesting. Footsteps being heard in a corridor that wasn’t being used. The sense of being watched felt by guests. Thank you to all our guests that joined us. It certainly was an interesting evening. We hope to see you soon at another spooky location.