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Scotland Ghost Hunts 

Jedburgh Castle Ghost Hunts, Scotland Ghost Hunts

Jedburgh Castle Ghost Hunt

Saturday 16th April 2022 9pm till 2.00am 

Only £49.00 Per Person 

Ghost hunts here at the former Castle / Jail are a real terrifying experience, this is a location certainly not for the faint hearted ! 

 Jedburgh Castle has received hundreds of reports of ghostly activity, Full bodied apparitions of what appears to be a piper seen standing on the battlements is a common report along with dark ghostly figure seen in the former cells. There has also been reports of a harrowing presence felt along with unexplained lights and footsteps and screams.

The chilling activity of the old jail was highlighted in the national media in 2005 when a paranormal investigation team experienced extreme poltergeist activity. One of the ghosts of Jedburgh Jail Edwin McArthur, a prisoner who was executed here in 1855 is he the ghostly figure that many report wandering the cells ? Join the team as we invite you to be part of this real intense ghost night and join us in search of the many spirits that are said to haunt this Castle and jail.

History Of Jedburgh Castle

Jedburgh Castle Jail was built in the 1820s on the site of the Royal Burgh's medieval castle. The castle was once one of the most important Border strongholds but was destroyed in 1409. The area later served as the site of the town gallows until the building of the Jail.

Jedburgh Castle Jail is the finest example of a Howard reform prison in Scotland, built in line with the latest ideas by the great prison reformer, John Howard. Before this time, prisons were filthy, overcrowded and disease-ridden, with debtors, criminals, children and the unconvicted all crushed together.

The Jail was shut in 1886 and its inmates transferred to Edinburgh. The burgh has used parts of the prison for various purposes over the years and since the 1980s it has been open to the public. The Jailer’s House explores the history of the town, while a visit to the cell block gives the visitor a taste of life for wardens and prisoners in the 1800s. You may be glad to return to the present day!

Inside a curtain wall, the prison is laid out as three detached two-storey rectangular blocks radiating from a central building – the jailer’s house. The prison blocks are linked in a U shape arrangement by exercise yards.

In 2004 the first group of paranormal investigators visited the Jail and reported a high level of unexplained phenonium.

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This Event Includes 

 Exclusive access after dark to the castle and Cells

A guided tour of Castle with Brief History

Working in Small Groups, Using array of different equipment and technics

Spiritual Medium during the investigation

Complimentary Tea, Coffee,

Complimentary light snacks

Please remember to bring your torch as these are required at all our events. Please remember to wear suitable footwear as this location has a lot of stairs and very uneven floors.

This Location is not suitable for people with walking and mobility issues.



Please Note:

Before booking this event please read the following as per our terms and conditions that are agreed at the point of sale.

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable regardless of any circumstances.

When you make a booking with us it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you are able to make the event date that you have booked, as Paranormal eye cannot offer a refund or transfer your places onto another event date if you or any of your party are unable to attend.

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# Scotland Ghost Hunts 

Scotland Ghost Hunts