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Lincolnshire Ghost Hunts / Ghost Nights 

A Lincoln ghost hunts event with the Paranormal eye Uk team will see you investigate and explore some fantastic, historically haunted locations after dark. Paranormal Eye Uk offers you a night of pure ghost hunting in Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire has unique haunted places throughout the county, from Haunted Old Nicks to remote, haunted houses! Book your ghost hunting experience today.

Revesby Abbey Ghost Hunts - Lincolnshire 

Ghost hunts here at Revesby abbey are a unique and terrifying experience, totally isolated within a deer park this haunted abbey is a haven for ghost hunters. Previous Ghost hunts here at the abbey have left guests petrified when disembodied voices have been heard from the kitchen saying get out. Apparitions of a small boy have been reported he is dressed in period clothing he has been seen on numerous occasions hanging around one of the dark eerie corridors in the former servant quarters. Have you got what it takes to spend the night here on ghost hunt ? The former abbey has been riffed with unexplained happenings, it is pitch black and chilling to the bone join the paranormal eye team for a truly unique and intense ghost hunt.     

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Boston Guildhall Ghost Hunts - Lincolnshire Ghost Hunts 

There has been sightings of a full bodied female apparition standing just peering into the cells here at the Guildhall along with other ghostly apparitions of children all dressed in period clothing. Ghost hunts here at the guildhall are not for the faint hearted as many visitors have fled the cell areas in fear., Dark Ghostly mists and shadow figures have been reported in the former banqueting hall, Drastic sudden cold spots have been reported within Many areas of this location. Ghost hunts here at the guildhall are not for the faint hearted, Join the team as we invite you to be part of this ghost hunt and see who or want is haunting this location. Become a real ghost hunter for the evening inside one of Lincolnshire most haunted locations.  

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The Old Nick - Gainsborough Ghost Hunts

The Old Nick Theatre in Gainsborough is a fascinating and, at times, a frightening place for an overnight ghost hunt. With more than 25 documented deaths on this site between 1860 and 1948, including two suicides and the multitude of rooms, corridors and cells to investigate, this is a foreboding and sinister place.

Ghost hunts at the Old Nick Theatre have seen some shocking poltergeist activity, and people have fled in fear rather than spend time alone in any of the cells. Join us for what was once the arena of justice for Gainsborough and the surrounding area for a unique ghost hunt that will excite and terrify even the most experienced paranormal investigator.

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Lincoln Prison - Lincolnshire Ghost Hunts 

Situated in Close Proximity of Lincoln Castle in Lincoln Prison, a Victorian jail, has a lengthy reported paranormal activity history. Miserable, harsh and enough to send a man to insanity, Lincoln Prison is where the infamous Long Drop method of hangings first began. Overnight ghost hunts here often produce terrifying experiences, and few can manage any time alone in the Punishment Cell. Your ghost hunt will leave you sure that you are not alone there, so be warned - ghost hunts don\'t come any more frightening than this. Dare you enter after dark?.

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