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Ghost Hunts, Ghost Tours Liverpool, Ghost Walks and More 

Liverpool is a city that holds a rich, complex and often dark history. From world-famous maritime tragedies to hushed-up Victorian melodramas, there’s been plenty of murky historical stories told here over there years. And that means there’s often something spectacularly spooky about many of the city’s oldest buildings. So if it`s Ghost hunt , Haunt night, paranormal investigation look no further, and join the paranormal eye team on an Overnight ghost hunt.

Overnight ghost hunt in abandoned hospital and orphanage

Known as one of Liverpool’s most haunted locations, The grade II Listed building is a really daunting place ideal for Overnight Ghost hunts and Tours, The Dark creepy building is described as “very active” with many sinister areas to explore including a haunted cinema, ‘naughty boys corridor’ and morgue .This historical building dates right back to the Victoria era and has been used as an orphanage, psychiatric hospital and nursing home throughout its 138 year history.

The building first opened in 1874 as an orphanage for the children of British seamen, and the conditions were said to be harsh, with siblings segregated from each other and punishments handed out.

In 1951 it became a hospital, the remains of which you will see on the tour, with abandoned wheelchairs sat in empty corridors and mortuary fridges a reminder of the lives that were lost.

The venue has been used for ghost hunts, ghost hunting experiences ghost tours and ghost walks for many years and there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity, including distant voices and shadowy figures seen dashing down stairwells Can you face your fears and be part of this intense ghost hunt ? 

Liverpool dates back to 1190 and the borough in the beginning of the next century was made up of just seven streets, how times have changed since then as we’ve become a vibrant, major city of the North. With all those shifts and growths, it’s not surprise we have a rich and varied history that means Liverpool has more than its fair share of ghosts and unexplained happenings linked to our past. Ghost hunts in Liverpool are becoming more and more popular.

Speke Hall, With over 400 years of history, Known to be an extremely haunted location, With many Ghost walks and tours there have been numerous reports from guests of strange paranormal happenings , many believe this to be the ghost of Lady Mary she was said to have lived there in 1730

She was said to have been driven to despair when her feckless husband gambled away her fortune. She threw her baby boy into the Moat and killed herself shortly afterwards. With such a tragic past, now wonder visitors have reported bouts of feeling suddenly unexpectedly ill when they find themselves within the Hall’s walls.

It is said to have many ghosts walking the corridors and rooms, including a priest, a gardener from Victorian times, a woman all in white and a werewolf.

There are lots of spooky sounds too, unseen children crying and footsteps in empty corridors.