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Northampton Ghost Hunts / Ghost Hunt Events 

Northampton / Northamptonshire Ghost Hunts With Paranormal Eye UK 

Northampton Ghost Hunts: Northampton has so much untold history and a range of haunted locations, from haunted hospitals to haunted hotels. Ghost hunts across Northampton can be a great night take your pick of haunted locations and be part of a truly unique ghost hunting experience.

Abington Park Museum Ghost Hunts

Join the paranormal eye Uk team on an overnight ghost hunt which will take you into all areas of this haunted location with its endless maze of rooms to see who is haunting here in the dark—working in small numbers for vigils to see what paranormal happenings will occur. Will you experience the many ghostly figures that people have witnessed before? Join the team and truly experience what it is like to investigate this haunted location after dark!.


The Hind Hotel Ghost Hunts

The Hind Hotel was formerly headquarters for Oliver Cromwell and officers before the Battle of Naseby in 1645. Ghost hunts at The Hind Hotel have left many guests wanting more! Ghost hunting at this haunted location will undoubtedly leave you wanting more! There have been ghostly sightings of monks, small children, a woman in white knocking on doors before disappearing, a Victorian woman looking for someone, and a man dressed in the uniform of an officer from the English Civil War. Can you face your fears and be part of this ghost hunt with the Paranormal Eye Team?


Why not check out our ghost hunting events in other areas, across the Uk please see the links below.

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